RSS Feeds at pornstarsource.comHere you can find all the rss feeds we have available at RSS feeds are a way for publications or bloggers to easily share what they write by distributing it through whatever method you choose to read it. There are many ways to view rss feeds. You can view them in a web browser, a standalone app, certain email clients, your Android device, etc… I personally use Feedly, which is a standalone app and also a browser extension for Google Chrome. Simply add any rss feed to your feed reader of choice and you will have updates from all your favorite websites at your fingertips. Once you have a browser extension or addon for rss feeds, your browser should automaticly detect feeds and you can then subscribe to them. Feeds are also identifyable by this icon: RSS feed icon rss feeds

RSS feed iconSite Feed: All new posts and pages at
RSS feed iconNew Release Video Feed: New downloads and streaming video releases. Specific video feeds here.
RSS feed iconNew DVD & Bluray releases
RSS feed iconDVD & Bluray Best Sellers
I am working to add more specific feeds for your convenience, stay tuned.

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